REYNARD is an integrated manufacturer of consumable tools and forged components used in various industries. REYNARD also has ambitious goals to fight with global climate change.

For this goal:

REYNARD committed for 2,0 C◦ goal through and became an official partner for the journey. We are now one of the 965 companies (information from SBTI) worldwide to commit and also in the partnership for "Race to Zero".

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol categorizes direct and indirect emissions into three broad scopes:

  • Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions occur from sources that are owned or controlled by the company, for example, emissions from combustion in owned or controlled boilers, furnaces, vehicles, etc.; emissions from chemical production in owned or controlled process equipment.
  • Scope 2: Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from consumption of purchased electricity, heat or steam.
  • Scope 3: Other indirect emissions, such as the extraction and production of purchased materials and fuels, transport-related activities in vehicles not owned or controlled by the reporting entity, electricity-related activities (e.g. T&D losses) not covered in Scope 2, outsourced activities, waste disposal, etc.

We launched a sustainability department in 2021 and decreased the CO2 emissions per tonne of production 32% for the years 2020-2021. We also switched to packaging materials only having FSC certificate.